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Founded in 2018 by an avid local hiker in Fresno, Ca, The Weekend Warrior aims to educate and inspire the local Fresno community to get outside. 

Living in an area that is close to so many natural wonders that can easily be hiked in a day trip, many locals don’t realize how easy it can be to find these treasures. At The Weekend Warrior, our goal is to show you some of these amazing places and provide you with all the details necessary to make the trip planning easier. 

While there are many hike resources out there, nowhere can you see all the details in one place in a concise, and non-spoiler format. This website describes each hike in detail, with driving directions, trailhead descriptions, and parking information, and you can download a free printable topographic map to take with you on the hike. Hopefully, with this information in hand you are inspired to explore these places for yourself.

We also want to educate our local community about hiking as a sport and how to be prepared for adventure, which is why our blog and social media is such an integral part of what we do. There are basic tenants every hiker should know, and we want to be a resource as you start exploring what nature has to offer.

So get out there and hike! You don't have to travel far - you never know what you might find in your own backyard.

Happy trails!

Sycamore Island - San Joaquin Rive

Sycamore Island, Madera

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